Needlebot was established in 2005 by scientists and engineers with degrees from leading research institutions incuding Princeton, MIT, and Oxford with a goal to commercialize a novel content analysis technology in Enterprise and Internet applications.

The Needlebot team represents a diverse set of complementary talents.

The team, combining scientific expertise with senior level government and business experience, brings a unique perspective to commercializing a next generation technology with novel applications.

Needlebot has developed a prototype application to test and demonstrate the unique and advanced features of its technology in various document collections including a subset of URL's from the Internet.

Needlebot is currently seeking corporate partners and investors to finance the commercialization efforts of its proprietary technology.


Needlebot has developed a proprietary, patented (issued on 2011) technology that can dramatically improve enterprise search and knowledge management as well as Internet search and targeted advertisements capabilities.

Needlebot’s breakthrough technology abstracts the content of a given piece of text independent of language into a universal “mathematical fingerprint” which is much more efficiently processed by computers than conventional language-based approaches.

Applications leveraging this technology avoid many of the current limitations usually associated with keyword-based tools and can correlate information across different languages.

In enterprise applications, Needlebot’s innovative tools enable true knowledge management and give users timely access to pertinent information right at their fingertips.

In the Internet, Needlebot’s innovative tools can improve relevancy of search results and optimization of targeted advertisement with an enhanced user experience.

bullet More about the Technology...
spacercase studies

The strength of Needlebot's technology is corroborated with the following case studies.

bullet Reuters news articles
Examples using Reuters news articles from 1987 and 1996
bullet Internet search
Examples using about 40,000 URL's downloaded from the Internet with most popular search keywords.
bullet Crawling
Examples using about 6,500 URL’s crawled through Oracle’s website.
bullet Google relevancy improvement
Needlebot's technology improves relevancy of Google search results.
bullet Demo videos
The case studies are built with Needlebot's technology prototype application.

Key applications of Needlebot's breakthrough technology with tremendous market potential include:

bullet Enterprise Applications
bullet Internet Search
bullet Targeted Advertising
bullet eDiscovery Solutions
bullet Government Agencies