spacerspacerCase Studies: Demo videos
Movies of Needlebot's technology prototype used in case-studies

Advanced search capabilities implemented using Needlebot's content-analysis technology are substantiated in the following video demonstrations. Please note that the crude working model interface shown in the demos was designed solely to validate Needlebot's patented (issued on 2011) technology and does not represent the state of the art GUI's that will be used in Needlebot's commercial products.

The following SWF ShockWave Flash object movies have excellent image and voice quality. Some firewall applications may block them if the firewall is configured to block animated ads. We recommend that you turn off your firewall or disable protection against animated ads (usually under [Privacy]/[Ad/Pop-Up control]). Please note that on slow connections the larger size videos may take a few minutes to download.

The strength of Needlebot's technology is corroborated with the following case studies.