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Limitations of Keyword-based Search

Most search algorithms are based on keyword indexing. Internet search engines employ various page ranking algorithms based on link popularity to find the most popular documents containing a particular keyword. Although this technique works very well for a substantial number of Internet users, most industry experts agree that 'search' is still in its infancy. More...

Next Generation Search Capabilities

Once fully deployed, Needlebot technology will possess all of the following next generation search capabilities:

  • Disambiguation: The ability to disambiguate the meaning of acronyms and words with multiple meanings without asking users to refine their search
  • Personalized Search Results:Different results will be displayed to different users, (even when the same keywords are used for the search), based on which documents are the most relevant to each individual user
  • Content-based Conceptual Search: The ability to analyze the content of the text, thereby ordering the search results based on ‘true’ relevancy
  • Ability to Retrieve Similar Documents: Once a relevant document has been found, users will be able to retrieve all other relevant documents based upon their overall similarity of content
  • Ability to Understand Synonyms: Ability to find all relevant documents even if they contain only synonyms of the chosen search terms
  • Search in Different Languages: Ability to retrive relevant documents written in different languages
Needlebot's Advantages

The universal nature of Needlebot’s content analysis algorithm has broad applicability to the Internet market, particularly the optimization of targeted online advertisements. Our technology can be employed to significantly increase the accuracy and precision of targeted advertisements (More...) and enhance the user experience in search engines.

Fully deployed on a major Internet search engine, Needlebot’s technology will enable advanced search capabilities and provide users with a new and attractive menu of features that were previously unavailable. More...

The implications for the business models of major Internet search providers are compelling.

Other key markets with tremendous potential for Needlebot's breakthrough technology include:

bullet Enterprise Applications
bullet Targeted Advertising
bullet eDiscovery Solutions
bullet Government Agencies