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Government Agencies

Based on Chairman John Norris’s former position as Deputy Commissioner of the FDA, Needlebot is well positioned to provide its knowledge management solutions to pharmaceuticals and government agencies.

This goes beyond just better management of electronic data to specific areas of use for the FDA which Mr. Norris believes Needlebot’s technology is particularly well suited.

The FDA especially wants to use knowledge management to cull clinical data to conduct more sophisticated pre- and post-marketing surveillance of the health effects of drugs, medical devices, and food products. These are key areas where the FDA is currently under intense scrutiny and pressure and experiencing a great deal of pain.

Homeland Security

Needlebot ability to efficiently cross reference information from any source and in any context independent of the language(s) means that our technology would also ideal for many Homeland Security applications. These applications could include monitoring Internet chat rooms used by extremists.


The “respond to discovery market” is a potentially attractive target market with immediate needs that can be effectively addressed by Needlebot’s technology.

Recent changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure requiring companies to retain all IM and e-mail messages has caused a dramatic increase in the amount and complexity of material subject to retrieval.

According to market research firm Forrester, eDiscovery technology spending will grow from $1.4 billion in 2006 to more than $4.8 billion in 2011 as enterprises realize that they have no choice but to prepare for electronic discovery. Companies from Bank of America Securities to Philip Morris have already been fined billions in penalties for failing to provide business records.

Other Key Markets

Other key markets with tremendous potential for Needlebot's breakthrough technology include:

bullet Enterprise Applications
bullet Internet Search
bullet Targeted Advertising