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Limitations of Existing Products

Although there are a number of existing search products on the market that claim to provide enterprise knowledge management capabilities, in 2007, Real-World Labs® of Green Bay, Wisconsin, an independent testing firm, tested a number of these product offerings in detail and concluded that:

“Current products do not do a good job providing relevant results given large amounts of typical enterprise data. That includes Google's killer PageRank algorithm, which transformed the Web into a truly useful source of information. PageRank simply does not translate well to the enterprise search market. Web search is different from desktop search is different from federated enterprise search, and so far, no one vendor has pulled it all together.”

Most of these search products are based on keyword indexing. Internet search engines employ various page ranking algorithms based on link popularity to find the most popular documents containing a particular keyword. Although this technique works very well for a substantial number of Internet users, it is not well suited for enterprise environments.

This is mostly because the Internet is a very dynamic environment where search engines and content providers work in a symbiotic manner to enhance the search results as it directly correlates to revenue.

Needlebot's Advantages

In contrast, Needlebot's universal content analysis technology is suitable for both Internet and enterprise applications. Once fully developed, Needlebot’s products will not only be language independent but will also be able to span across different languages, since the underlying content analysis technology transforms content to a universal fingerprint.

Our enterprise applications will provide knowledge management tools that go far beyond typical search capabilities.

Our user interfaces, designed specifically to integrate with our proprietary content analysis technology, will enable users to fully leverage the collective knowledge stored in the enterprise very efficiently. This will help to save a significant amount of time and effort spent looking for information and will reduce the amount of resources wasted on repeating work that was previously performed.

Other key markets with tremendous potential for Needlebot's breakthrough technology include:

bullet Internet Search
bullet Targeted Advertising
bullet eDiscovery Solutions
bullet Government Agencies