spacerCase Studies: Internet search
Needlebot's technology applied to Internet search

The examples described in the document below constitute a subset of test cases performed on a small subset of the Internet, (containing approximately 40,000 pre-fingerprinted web pages), which was created by Needlebot to demonstrate how our Internet search capabilities. Full Presentation (PDF)

These examples demonstrate the ability of Needlebot’s proprietary, patented (issued on 2011) technology to dramatically improve existing keyword-based search capabilities by producing superior search results and providing users with a new and attractive menu of search features including:

  • Personalized search Examples (PDF)
    • Provides different relevant results that are customized to best match each user’s current interests (even when the same search phrase is searched by each individual).
    • Avoids the privacy problems usually associated with tracking a user’s search history.
  • Conceptual search
    • Allows the user to search for concepts rather than keywords by using a paragraph, (a longer text snippet), as opposed to keywords.
    • Avoids many of the limitations associated with traditional keyword–based search methods.
  • Advanced Similar Pages tools Examples (PDF)
    • Ability to retrieve additional results and display them in order based upon their conceptual similarity to a selected document.
    • This tool works much more effectively than other similar pages found in other online search engines, retrieving very relevant hits that closely match the users’ needs.

Needlebot’s advanced Knowledge Management search capabilities could be easily integrated into any existing Internet search engine or Enterprise Search / Knowledge Management application, or could be developed as a completely independent application. Once fully developed, Needlebot’s patented (issued on 2011) technology will produce a paradigm shift in Internet Search capabilities, particularly with regard to optimizing the delivery of targeted online advertisements.

The strength of Needlebot's technology is corroborated with the following case studies.

bullet Reuters news articles
bullet Crawling
bullet Google relevancy improvement
bullet Demo videos