Breakthrough Technology

Development of algorithms to analyze the content of a given text in order to generate a mathematical representation of the content has been the goal of quite a number of independent works in the recent years. However, none of the developed techniques have so far shown significantly success.

Other classification techniques based on word clustering algorithms, text analytics, Bayesian Inference, guided navigation and natural language processing have made only modest strides in improving knowledge management capabilities for enterprise applications.

Needlebot's breakthrough content analysis technology overcomes the hurdles that disabled previous attempts. More...

“Mathematical Fingerprint”

Needlebot's breakthrough algorithm abstracts the content of each electronic document into a universal "mathematical fingerprint". This “mathematical fingerprint” provides a much richer embodiment of the information contained within and is much more easily processed by computers than current language-based search approaches. More...

Technology Advantages

Most currently available search technologies are based on keyword indexing. Internet search engines employ various page ranking algorithms based on link popularity to find the most popular documents containing a particular keyword. Although this technique works very well for a substantial number of Internet users, it is not well suited for enterprise environments.

In contrast, Needlebot's universal content analysis technology is suitable for both Internet and enterprise applications. Once fully developed, Needlebot’s products will not only be language independent but will also be able to span across different languages, since the underlying content analysis technology transforms content to a universal fingerprint.

This unique feature not only enables one to connect information from different sources, but also to leverage users’ individual and collective histories very efficiently. See example...

Key applications of Needlebot's breakthrough technology with tremendous market potential include:

bullet Enterprise Applications
bullet Internet Search
bullet Targeted Advertising
bullet eDiscovery Solutions
bullet Government Agencies