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Limitations of Targeted Advertising

The delivery of targeted online advertisements by each of the major search engines is not currently optimized. This is due to their reliance on attempting to match the text of each advertisment to ambiguous keyword search phrases.

For example, when a user selects the keyword "eagles" each of the major search engines display results and sponsored links related to a variety of different topics including music, sports and ornithology. See example...

Since most of these displayed results and sponsored links will be irrelevant to any particular user's interests, the associated clickthrough rates will be much lower than in the optimal case in which every displayed link would be highly relevant.

Hence, the major search engines are currently losing a considerable amount of potential advertising revenue by not fully optimizing their prime advertising real estate.

Needlebot’s search personalization algorithm can identify precisely targeted advertisements that specifically match a user’s interests, resulting in greater click-through and improved purchase conversion rates.

Needlebot's Advantages

Needlebot’s patented (issued on 2011) personalized search technology could be used to display highly targeted advertisements more effectively by matching advertisements to each individual user’s current interests leading to higher click-through rates and greater online advertising revenues.

Needlebot displays different personalized search results and sponsored links, to each individual user even when each user has entered exactly the same keyword. See example...

In the above example, three different users, a music fan, a sports fan, and an ornithologist, each performed a search using the same keyword 'eagles'. The music fan was showed only hits related to the Eagles rock band; the sports fan was shown hits related to the Philadelphia Eagles; whereas the ornithologist was shown only bird related hits.

Fully deployed on a major Internet search engine, Needlebot’s technology will increase the relevance of a search and the accuracy and precision of targeted advertisements based on users' historical and current pattern of interests. The implications for the business models of major Internet search providers are compelling.

Other key markets with tremendous potential for Needlebot's breakthrough technology include:

bullet Enterprise Applications
bullet Internet Search
bullet eDiscovery Solutions
bullet Government Agencies